ATV Adventures

After buying an all-terrain vehicle to plow our driveway in the winter, we were surprised by how many of our friends own these amazing machines and frequently take trips to explore hundreds of miles of roads designated for 4-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs. This page features some of our most recent and often “notorious” ATV adventures.

Our ATV Gang’s Second Trip to Ouray

Hooray for Ouray!

Pre-ride Celebration

Ready to Roll?

Do I detect an Attitude Problem??

The Outlaws - without Grace

Where's Mark and Suzanne?!

There they Are!

In their new Side by Side

4-Wheelin Love Birds

Livin the Dream, Cupcake...

ATVing in the Clouds

Anybody seen Celso?

A Creek Bed Bailout

Wait! Let me get my camera!

Picnic Lunch in Silverton

Hear that Train Whistle?