Party On!

This page re-celebrates some of the latest party events we have either hosted or attended where our zany friends frequently abandon their inhibitions and reveal their true personas.   We just take the pictures but can’t be held responsible for their content.  If you don’t want to be seen on this page, then just stop going to parties.


Halloween Costume Party 2018

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Skeletors, The Flintstone's Barney & Betty Rubble & Happy Days!

Kentucky Derby Belles Partying in the Silverheels Saloon

No Mint Julips???

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Game Night!

Everyone Survived the Games!

Happy Halloween 2017!

Pigs, Geeks, Pirates, Cuzin Eddie, Katherine & The Minions!

Pirates of the Caribbean!


The Geek & Cat Lady

What a combo!

Cousin Eddie and Wife Kathryn from "Christmas Vacation"

Voted #1 Best Halloween Costume Couple

Pigs In A Blanket

With "Pot Bellies" and Wee Wee All The Way Home!

The Minions

Kevin and Bob: King Bob!!