One of our favorite pastimes is climbing the majestic mountains of Colorado, and especially peaks that are over 14,000 feet (14’ers). This page has photos and commentary about our most recent climbs.

The last 14’er was a solo climb of Snowmass Mountain in the Elk Mountain Range not far from Aspen. 14,092 feet.

The Summit and the basin viewed from Snowmass Lake

Snowmass is the bump left-center of picture

Wayfinding the best (safest) climbing route

Spotting rock "karins" (climbing route markers) is a requisite skill!

The Snowmass Mountain "Summit Push"

The summit is left center of picture

A view northwest from the Summit. 14,092 feet

The haze is smoke from massive forest fires farther west

Snowmass Lake from the Summit

Over 3000 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles!

My Bivouac at Snowmass Lake

The lake is 8.5 miles in from the trailhead

Another view of Snowmass Lake

Its aqua color is similar to many lakes in Canada

Hagerman Peak: 13,841 feet

A view from my campsite

Snowmass Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Rockies