Wildlife is diverse and abundant in this mountainous region of Central Colorado. This page features some of the most recent sightings both here near the High Country Haven and on the adventures we’ve recently taken. Even human celebrities sometimes show up here.

Red Shafted Northern Flicker

First Spotting This Year - Puffed Up and Waiting for Spring

Rare Bird Alert! Evening Grosebeak

Spotted in our "back yard"

Moose! A Rare Spotting

Spotted on Break Neck Pass Road West of Fairplay

Bobcat, Spotted In The Back Yard

Stocking our Resident Rabbits

Female Rufus Hummingbird

Aggressive Little Buggers!

Water Fountain Gossip

At the front yard birdbath

Spunky - Our Resident Squirrel

Raiding the Bird Feeder!

Prong Horn Antelope

Spotted in Ranch of the Rockies

Bison Herd

Spotted just north of Gardner on Route 69

4X4 Buck Mule Deer

Spotted on the Ranch

Great Horned Owl

In our back yard

Young Mule Deer Buck

He's been camping out under our deck!